English Early 17th Century Leaded and Stained Glass Pentagonal Lantern

By repute, the lantern once belonged to Sir William Pope and Anne Hopton and is probably from Wroxton Abbey, Oxfordshire.

Of unusual Pentagonal form, having five panes around the tapered top fitted with tulip blossoms and roundels, one inscribed “Sr. William Pope and Anne Hopton” and the remaining with Classical portraits, the sides painted with putti and flowers, each corner affixed with a wrought-iron hooked bar for suspension.

Anne (Hopton), Lady Pope (English 1561-1625) was born in Witham, Somerset, was the daughter of Sir Owen Hopton and Anne Hopton, and was married twice. In 1585 she married Henry Wentworth, 3rd Baron Wentworth, and their children were Henry Wentworth, Jane Wentworth and Thomas Wentworth, 1st and last Earl of Cleveland. Her second marriage was to Sir William Pope (1573-1631), 1st Earl of Downe in 1595. Their children were Sir William Pope, Lady Anne Pope and Thomas Pope, 3rd Earl of Downe.Situated just to the west of Banbury, Oxfordshire,

Wroxton Abbey is a fine Jacobean mansion which was built on the foundations of a 13th-century Augustinian priory. The original Abbey fell into disrepair following Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536, and was replaced with the present building by William Pope in the early 17th century, when he would have been married to Anne.


14” diameter, 21” high / 35.5 cm diameter, 53,5 cm high


Reference Number: L_614


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