Italian highly Unusual 18th Century Inlaid “Pyramid” Center Table

The extremely unique design of this table makes it hard to date it, as it shows Renaissance, as well as Neoclassical ideas of design. Overall inlaid with Walnut and Fruitwood marquetry, enhanced with penwork designs, now mostly faded  and worn down, the top decorated with a central medallion within scrolling floral and animal decorations, each corner featuring a shield of what appears to be the faded shield of the Medici family. The frieze contains two drawers, four columnar legs connecting the Pyramid-form base to the top.

Provenance: Robert Denning (Denning & Fourcade)


70” long, 42” wide, 33” high

178” cm long, 106.5” cm wide, 84 cm high


Reference Number: Q_571


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