Southern French or North Italian Baroque 17th Century inlaid Mirror

The mirror shows beautifully the purposeful use of various woods, Olive wood, Ebony, Rose wood, Fruit woods, and bone, some of the inlay dyed green, give the frame a beautiful, subdued color palette. The design shows the influence of late 16th / early 17th Italian pietre dure work. Comparable design-elements can be found in many examples of inlaid stone tops and prestigious furniture from the late renaissance and early 17th century, produced in the Grand Ducal Manufactory in Florence, founded in 1588 by Ferdinando I de’ Medici.

The use of olive wood, the stylized olive branches and the repeated oval elements as well as the color scheme, allude to a predominant decorative theme, the olive tree and its fruit.

A beautiful, understated detail is the ripple molded edge around the frame.


40″ wide, 47″ high

101.6 cm wide, 119.4 cm high


Reference Number: M_186


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