Baroque 17th Century Four-Light Polychrome and Gilt Wood “Leuchterweibchen” or Antler Chandelier
English Early 17th Century Leaded and Stained Glass Pentagonal Lantern
Medieval 15th Century, Franco-Flemish Bronze Candelabrum
North German 16th Century Renaissance Brass Twelve-Light Chandelier
Pair of 17th Century Flemish Baroque Carved Fruitwood Candle Sticks
Pair of Monumental Italian Renaissance late 15th Century Bronze Candelabra
Pair of Spanish 16th Century Wrought Iron Candle holders
Pair of Spanish Gothic Wrought Iron Torchères, 15th century
Pair of Tall, 17th Century Wrought Iron Two-Tier Candelabra
Pair of Tall, Important, 16th Century Italian Brass Candelabra
Pair of very Large Baroque 17th Century Wrought Iron Wall-Sconces
Unusual Flemish 17th Century Baroque Brass Eight-Light “Deer” Chandelier


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