Alpine 14th Century Pine Coffer or “Stollen Truhe”
European 15th Century Iron Clad and Bound Dome-Top Treasure Chest
Flemish Painted Oak Bas Relief Sculpture of the Nativity, ca. 1510
French 15th Century Oak Coffer with Intricately Carved Tracery Panels
French Early Renaissance Oak Dressoir, François 1st, ca. 1530
French Henry II Carved Walnut Dressoir, school of Jacques Androuet du Cerceau, 16th century
French Henry II Walnut Deux-Corps Cabinet, 16th Century
French Henry II Walnut Dressoir, 16th century, Burgundy
French Late 14th Century Walnut Coffer featuring nine Relief-Carved Knights Bearing Arms and Armor
French Late Medieval 16th Century Trestle Table
French Sculpture of the Enthroned Madonna and Child
German / Westphalian Iron Bound Oak “Stollentruhe” or Coffer, ca 1500
German Carved Oak Iron Mounted “Marriage”” Coffer, ca. 1520
German Gothic Oak Linenfold Center Table, Ca 1460
German late Gothic early 16th Century Terra Cotta Figure of St. Catherine of Alexandria
German Late Gothic Painted Softwood Sculpture of St. Florian, ca. 1500
Italian 16th Century Carved Walnut “Lion” Cassone
Italian 16th Century Paneled and Inlaid Long Walnut Cassapanca
Italian 16th Century Renaissance Walnut and Inlaid Round Dining or Center Table
Italian Cabinet / Credenza, late 15th century
Italian Gilt Gesso Decorated Walnut and softwood Cassone, Florentine, 15th century
Italian Inlaid Walnut Cassone, ca. 1500
Italian large16th Century Renaissance Walnut Trestle Table
Italian Late 15th Century rare, small Cassone, Painted with Family Portraits
Italian Renaissance Inlaid Walnut Scabbello Chair
Italian Walnut Cabinet / Bookcase, of Narrow Proportions, 16th Century
Large French Late Medieval Masterpiece of a Table
Large Italian Walnut and Gilt Decorated Credenza, of Canted Form, ca. 1610
Medieval 15th Century, Franco-Flemish Bronze Candelabrum
Monumental Southern French or Spanish Late 15th Century Walnut Coffer
North German 16th Century Renaissance Brass Twelve-Light Chandelier
North German Late Gothic painted wood sculpture of St. George, ca. 1500
Oak Sculpture of St. John (of Patmos) the Evangelist, Lower Rhein, ca. 1500
Oak Sculpture of St. Veronica Enthroned, holding the Veil, Lower Rhein, ca. 1510
Pair of Italian 16th Century Carved Walnut Curule Chairs
Pair of Italian early 16th century Oak Tabourets
Pair of Monumental Italian Renaissance late 15th Century Bronze Candelabra
Pair of Spanish 16th Century Wrought Iron Candle holders
Pair of Spanish Early 16th Century Polychrome and Giltwood Reliquary Portrait Busts
Pair of Spanish Gothic Wrought Iron Torchères, 15th century
Small Northern French Oak Coffer, ca 1490-1510
South German / Alpine “Flachschnitz” Coffer, Early 16th Century
Spanish Walnut cabinet, dated 1504
Spanish 16th Century Paneled Long Oak Bench
Spanish 17th Century Walnut and Gilt Vargueño
Spanish Baroque Walnut Cabinet, early 17th Century
Spanish Hispano-Moresque Mudéjar Painted Coffer, 15th Century


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